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Nox -Nox Luxury At 10 Genius 2021
Nox -Nox Luxury At 10 Genius 2021
Nox -Nox Luxury At 10 Genius 2021
Nox -Nox Luxury At 10 Genius 2021
Nox -Nox Luxury At 10 Genius 2021
Nox -Nox Luxury At 10 Genius 2021

Nox Luxury At 10 Genius 2021

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Agustín Tapia has not chosen this shovel for nothing. Do not wait for them to tell you and enjoy the benefits offered by the Nox Luxury AT 10 Genius 2021!!


Nox Luxury AT 10 Genius 2021

The brand Nox it wants to continue consolidating itself in the paddle market and does so by conquering some of the best players of the professional circuit, but also to the amateurs offering paddle blades adapted to all needs and that evolve in each collection. Something they have done again in 2021 with the  Nox Luxury AT 10 Genius 2021, the famous player's shovel Agustín Tapia.

Its main features have not changed, but why would it do it? so it's perfect. Maintains your round format, balance content and good sweet spot, and, therefore, perfect for that player of advanced level looking for a control blade with good gluing, thanks to the materials used.

the materials of which the AT 10 Genius to become what it is, they are the state-of-the-art carbon and reinforced with 12k fabric, on their faces, turning it into a super sturdy shovel and the eva HR3 rubber, in the heart, which will give you excellent sensations when hitting your ball.

These materials come from the arm with toes Technologies, such as the anti-vibration system with which thanks to softer hitting sensations, you will avoid elbow injuries; a construction Dynamic Structure, which will give greater solidity and rigidity to the shovel; and, as a novelty, a Rough finish, the Rough Surface, but with a silica sand, special, to print greater effects on the balls.

Finally, it is not surprising that these incredible performances are accompanied by a great sporty design and attractiveness. We can observe the carbon seen with a checkerboard base, by the entire base of the faces, which is combined with details in Green and the peculiar finish of the logo in silver color, in which, depending on the light, a multitude of colors are reflected.

Characteristics of the shovel Nox Luxury MP 10 2021

Dynamic Structure: Technology that guarantees a better union between the materials, creating a much more durable shovel with which you will avoid breakages.

Rubber Eva HR3: Material incorporated into the heart of the shovel. It is a high density rubber, with a touch somewhat harder than usual. It offers greater power with a great ball output.

AVS: Anti-vibration system that, as its name suggests, reduces the number of vibrations, giving you a softer hit and prevent elbow injuries.

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