Padelmania continues to be one of the best paddle tennis shops today

Padelmania continues to be one of the giants in the sale and distribution of all kinds of paddle tennis equipment both nationally and internationally. Our wide range of products, personalized customer service and a constant commitment to improve our human team result in an optimal sales service that fights every year for the precious title of being the best paddle tennis shop in the world.

Where can I find the best prices on paddle tennis rackets?

Here in padelmanía you will find the best prices.

The padel brands improve every year and we are not going to be less. Our wide range of paddle tennis rackets, a great commitment to paddle tennis shoes and the constant renewal in our paddle accessories and clothing section offer the user a perfect range of options to opt for for a future purchase.

However, our customer service departmentwill be available to anyone who needs to resolve any type of doubt regarding a potential purchase . A service made up of a technical team specialized in paddle tennis that will offer the best options to all our customers.

Rackets on sale or the latest brand news, light paddle tennis rackets for people who have elbow problems or junior paddles for the little ones, any model of paddle tennis shoes or accessory necessary to transport your paddle equipment with the utmost ease... you will find all this in Padelmania at the best price Guaranteed!

We also have an exclusive outlet area made up of four categories, where you can find cheap paddle tennis rackets from other seasons, shoes from previous years and countless accessories and accessories that we have stored in our large stock.

But, one of the things that characterizes usis for being leaders in bringing paddle tennis closer to all pockets , offering the user the best prices. ios in everything you need to start practicing paddle tennis.

What are the best paddle tennis brands?

Adidas, Bullpadel, Babolat, Mystica, Nox… all the big firms in the sector have a special place in Padelmania.

Here you can see a list of our favorites:

  • Adidas padel rackets: Despite its short history, the German firm, not only It has carved a niche for itself in the sector, but it has become one of the great padel brands in the world, championing players World Padel T our like Ale Galán and Martita Ortega with their respective Adidas Adipower blades, the most exclusive range of the collection.
  • Paddle rackets Bullpadel: Which is, at present, the best brand of paddle tennis rackets. Its extensive line of products, constant innovation in materials, fabrics and design and its great commitment to world-class players; Paquito Navarro, Maxi Sánchez and Alejandra Salazar have made it the main option for players of all levels and playing styles.
  • Paddle rackets Mystica: After a time in no man's land, the prestigious brand Mystica returns to the slopes. And it does so with an arsenal of paddle tennis rackets aimed at all levels and styles of play, and where, of course, you can find its flagships, the Mystica Proteo Carbon 2.0 racket and what is considered one of the best power rackets. on the market, the Mystica Apocalypse Carbon 2.0
  • Blades padel club Head: As in tennis, the Head brand has managed to carve out a main niche in padel by sponsoring players like Fernando Belasteguin or Sanyo Gutiérrez, two of the best padel players in history.
  • Palas padel racket Nox: A classic of our padel that continues to make players of all levels fall in love with models that never go out of style, such as Miguel Lamperti's racket, the Nox ML 10 Pro Cup. He is also firmly committed to the big s promises like Agustín Tapia.
What are the best paddle tennis shoes?

Paddle shoes are becoming more and more important in the world of paddle tennis, which is why more and more brands include this section within their collections:

The Padel shoes are becoming more and more important in the world of paddle tennis, which is why more and more brands include this section within their collections:

  • Asics padel shoes: Leading brand in its sector and main option for both beginners and professional players. Among its wide catalog of products we can find the two best-selling models in the world; the Asics Gel Bela shoes and the Asics Gel Lima Padel, two padel shoes that will provide the best performance.
  • Babolat padel shoes: Another of the giants he has referred to. The Babolat padel shoe brand has been the first to create a 100% padel sole and that it has introduced in its most demanded models, such as the Premura, the Movea or the Pulsa.
  • Kswiss padel shoes: Another of the great classics in paddle tennis shoes. Its functionality, design and features make this brand one of the great options for any type of player, from beginner levels to advanced levels.
Do you have premium customer service?

Premium Service from the purchase to the receipt of the order.

At Padelmania we offerthe best customer service from the moment the user enters our page until the order is received at your address. We also have a Premium after-sales service that will allocate all the necessary help when required.

Shipping 48-72 working hours for shipments in Spain to the Peninsula and Portugal, 3-5 working days for orders in the EU, 7-10 working days for orders to the Canary Islands , Ceuta, Melilla, Madeira and Azores, and 20-30 working days for International orders, the best courier service companies, best price guaranteed, installment payments and additional gifts, these are some of the services you can enjoy our clients.

Why do we keep growing?

Everything we are is thanks to you. Your work towards us is what drives us to continue improving to offer others a complete service. Our customer service department will be at your disposal by phone 689 65 14 25, social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) or if you prefer by email Thank you very much for your collaboration!

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El tejido es muy comodo y suave, la recomiendo

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La entrega fue buena e inmediata

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