Drop Shot Padel rackets

Drop Shot Paddle Rackets

Drop Shot 's history is one of the most recent in the paddle tennis market. However, this fact has not prevented it from becoming one of the most important brands in the sector and being present in more than 20 countries . The experience is supplemented by the use of exclusive technologies and the impulse that comes from having among its ranks the twelve times number one in the World Padel Tour world ranking, Juan Martín Díaz.

Drop Shot paddle tennis rackets with innovative technologies

Previously there have been numerous occasions in which Drop Shot has shown that in the field of paddle tennis they have a lot to say. As in the case of the innovative Single Hole System . The researcher Francisco Huera Huarte carried out a study to verify the function of the traditional holes in the paddle tennis rackets and came to the conclusion that these hardly improved aerodynamics and, instead, played against the durability of the racket. Based on this study, Drop Shot has launched several rackets with the Single Hole System, that is, equipped with a single hole.

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