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Adidas -Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 2021
Adidas -Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 2021
Adidas -Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 2021
Adidas -Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 2021
Adidas -Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 2021
Adidas -Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 2021

Adidas Essnova Carbon Ctrl 3.0 2021

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Master control of the ball without losing an iota of power with the new Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.0 2021


Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.0 2021

December arrives, and with it the incredible collections presented to us by brands with which to start off on the right foot the new 2021. Adidas is one of them and puts at our disposal excating products as your new combat weapons. One of them is the Adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.0 2021, a classic revamped model that will once again conquer the tracks like its predecessor.

Adidas presents us again one of its top of the range with a round format, low balance and an excellent sweet spot, what makes it our hands on a control shovel with which we will not do without power. A perfect shovel for a expert or high level players, who like to play on the right and look for a control shovel, handleable and semi-soft touch to enjoy great precision in addition to ball output.

It has been manufactured in 100% carbon and 6K fabric in the plans and frame, in addition to soft eva rubber in the inner core that gives it an unbeatable touch and an exquisite ball output. They are accompanied Technologies as the eXosqueleton, which make the blade more rigid, Spin Blade System, to generate roughness and give it greater effects on the ball, and the Smart Holes System in the hole, which helps to have improved control.

Finiquita with a sporty and sober aesthetics, in which the black of the carbon seen, by all the base of the surface, and which is combined with the electric blue by the frame, bridge, and parts of the face, and silver for the branding of the brand in the center of the faces and informative details of its benefits.

Composition of the adidas Essnova Carbon CTRL 3.0 2021 shovel.

eXosqueleton Technology: Carbon nerves in the heart of the blade that generate a reinforcement in the area to prevent torsion in high intensity blows. These nerves generate structural stiffness in the area through the arms of the heart on two levels.

Spin Blade System: Roughness that is applied in the molding process, when engraved in the mold of the shovel with a special resin, which makes it as high and durable as possible, facilitating to apply greater effects and for longer.

Smart Holes System: Distribution of the holes more efficiently, which helps to enhance the characteristics of the shovel. This distribution is made both in the location and in the size of the hole, so that in this model, the holes in the center of the blade are smaller and as they move away from it, they are larger.

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