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Adidas -Adidas Essnova 2.0

Adidas Essnova 2.0

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An attacking racket with which you will be the king of the court.

Adidas Essnova 2.0 Adidas has decided to radically innovate its features this 2020 season, which have been significantly improved to increase performance on the court. Of course, one of the main protagonists is the new Adidas Essnova 2.0 racket, a racket that offers you the perfect balance between comfort and power. This Adidas racket is the perfect weapon for attacking players who need to obtain maximum power in their shots. Its oversized diamond format and high balance will increase attacking performance, in addition to encouraging quick and precise movements, making this Adidas padel racket the best companion on the court. The combination of materials and technologies has been essential for the realization of this innovation. Both the flats and the tubular incorporate the latest generation carbon, a material that will provide durability and resistance, as well as great power in the finish. Added to the composition is EVA Soft Energy rubber, a rubber that maximizes the comfort of the racket and that, together with the alutex fiber, will more easily achieve maximum performance. The entire Adidas Essnova 2.0 racket has been seasoned with an incredible technological arsenal, such as the classic Dual eXoeskeleton, which provides great structural rigidity to the racket, thus achieving a perfect balance with which it will be much easier for you to hit the ball with power and precision. ball. Spin Blade technology will offer the player the possibility of performing spin with maximum ease, as it generates greater rotation of the ball in the most demanding shots. In terms of design, the German brand has decided to incorporate a small change throughout its collection and has dispensed with the classic stripes incorporated into the upper part, opting for the brand's branding on both sides of the upper. An aesthetic in which the light gray background predominates, combined with details in black, green and red, perfect for the most daring players. Composition of the Adidas Essnova 2.0 racket Eva Soft Energy Rubber: Material of great rigidity and durability, which thanks to its properties, manages to make great impacts with a very good ball output and a very soft touch. Alutex fiber: It is an aluminized fiberglass process that makes the racket much stronger and more flexible. This material provides greater power than fiberglass while sacrificing minimal comfort. Dual eXoeskeleton: These are 100% carbon nerves inserted into the frame and heart structure. It increases the power and rigidity of the padel racket thanks to the specific design of a frame with a homogeneous combination of materials located in the heart. In attacking shots with high acceleration, the racket behaves in a compact package and propels the ball, making more efficient use of the player's energy.
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