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Adidas -Adidas Essnova Ctrl 2.0

Adidas Essnova Ctrl 2.0

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Adidas Essnova CTRL 2.0 arrives in the world of padel with a clear goal: to be the queen of the track.


Adidas Essnova CTRL 2.0

Adidas, comes one more year to revolutionize the world of padel. Start the year with a spectacular new collection of Adidas padel rackets. Among them is the Adidas Essnova CTROL 2.0 shovel, a padel racket intended for those players who need a precision plus in each shot.

An Adidas shovel that consists of a oversize round format, offering a low balance and a large sweet spot, a perfect structure for those players who need maximum control on the slopes. A padel racket with which Adidas padel has made great innovations in technology, materials and design.

A padel racket that offers you the best performance in both attack and defense. This is due to the Carbon, which is incorporated into flats and tubular, material that will provide durability and maximum strength, as well as a plus power in each shot, thanks to the hardness of the material. The Eva Soft Energy rubber, will provide the player with exceptional comfort and, of course, improve departure from Ball on each finish, allowing a perfect hybrid between control and power.

Adidas Essnova CTRL 2.0 that has been seasoned with the latest generation of technology. The alutex fiber is incorporated In The plans. This is a fiberglass aluminization process which makes the shovel much stronger and more flexible. This is what is adds the SBlade pin, a technology that will improve the resources in the effects we give to our ball, creating quality hits.

The design of the new padel racket Adidas Essnova CTRL 2.0 offers a shade of two different types of greys on the background of the structure, which are conjoined with shades of blue, yellow and black, this the latest highlighting, above all, in the new branding, eliminating the traditional brand lines at the top.

Components of the Adidas Essnova CTRL 2.0 shovel

Eva Soft Energy Rubber: Material of great rigidity and durability, which thanks to its properties, manages to make big impacts with a very good way out ball and a very soft tacno.

Alutex fiber: It is a fiberglass aluminization process that makes the shovel much more resilient and more flexible. This material provides a higher power than fiberglass sacrificing minimum comfort.

Spin Blade: Rough texture that sits on both sides of the shovel, offering the possibility to perform effects in each hit with greater ease.

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