Babolat -Babolat Air Vertuo 2021

Babolat Air Vertuo 2021

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The Babolat brand has been surpassed this season with the new attack padel racket with the Babolat Air Vertuo 2021 padel racket


Babolat Air Vertuo 2021

An attack padel racket that arrives to overcome any rival who gets in the way, that shovel is the new Babolat Air Vertuo, which besa liters to offer maximum power to players with a penchation for attacking and aggressive play. The new shovel Babolat Air Vertuo Arrives for players of a searchous intermediate level in addition to an attack game an ideal control.

This new Babolat arrives with a diamond format a high balance and a sweet spot at the top of the shovel. This series of features offer the possibility to play an attacking game taking advantage of the player's power in the best possible way. As for their faces they are made up of layers of fiberglass, which is often used to increase the player's sense and feel by putting an immediate response at each reception, creating aggressive play.

With a very light weight of 345 grams allows for a profit of speed and freedom of movement players in a superior way which will favor for the player to print more power in the punches. It also has the VibraSorb technology, which is used to absorb vibrations impacts thus reducing the chances of injury. On the other hand, its technology Gum Black EVA generates a greater sense of touch and a much faster ball output. Your speed and freedom movements it is implemented thanks to its Holes Pattern system.

As for his design is modern, the main color is dark blue, which is located at the bottom of the shovel, which features line designs of crossed spikes in white, light blue and red colors. In the central area of the shovel is a vertical stripe in a blue clear with the brand name in black.

Composition of the Air Vertuo 2021 shovel

Holes pattern System: Drilling system in the shovel that allows better projection of power and freedom of movement.

Black Eva Rubber: Semi-densed core that allows a better use of impacts.

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