Babolat -Babolat Defiance Woman 2021
Babolat -Babolat Defiance Woman 2021
Babolat -Babolat Defiance Woman 2021
Babolat -Babolat Defiance Woman 2021
Babolat -Babolat Defiance Woman 2021
Babolat -Babolat Defiance Woman 2021

Babolat Defiance Woman 2021

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Surgical precision, is how we could define the new Babolat Defiance Woman 2021 padel racket, perfect for conntrol and technical lovers.


Babolat Defiance Woman 2021

The new Padel season 2021 it's already here, so the Babolat brand brings out its new collection for the new season, among the models of the shovels to advanced level players, is the new Bobolat Defiance Woman 2021 shovel.

This Babolat Defiance Woman 2021 shovel comes with a round format, a medium balance and an excellent sweet spot. A number of features that will provide a multipurpose game that will, above all, take precedence Control. That's why this shovel is made up of a carbon frame which provides stability and protection along with fiberglass faces that allow a ball out with more potecia . For its inner core, the EVA Soft rubber that favors the player to have better sensations on the track as he will notice each impact to a greater extent.  As for its technology, it carries inside the system dinamyc stability to face the points with a greater stability of the shovel.

As for its design it is Vanguard with vivid colors that make a great contrast to the black faces. This is the case with color Violet in the form of hexagons that increasingly gather towards the upper part of the shovel. In addition, the logo of the brand is very visible because the contrast generates the violet with the background color.

Composition of the Babolat Defiance Woman 2021 shovel

Carbon Frame: Hard material that would provide the strength and speed in the shovel.

Eva Rubber: Semi-densed rubber that provides an improvement in sensitivity and touch to the player who is responsible for helping to balance the shovel on each impact.

Fiberglass: Elastic and resistant material that is used in this case on carbon to provide a plus of power and at the same time control.

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