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Dunlop paddle packs

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Padel packsDunlopcheap in our online padel store

In theOnline storefromTime2Padelwe offer you the best combinations and incredible prices inpadel packsDunlop. This prestigious paddle tennis brand never stops looking for the best additions and latest news for its paddle tennis rackets. Thus all its products are made following its three pillars:quality, technology and innovation.

Dunlopknows that in a booming market like paddle tennis in which there are a large number of brands betting heavily on placing their products above the rest, the best thing is to know how to make a difference. And according to the philosophyDunlopthe best way to do it is to developproprietary technologiesand combine them with the best materials to offer only the best.

Among these technologies, the system stands outCustom, which consists of an integrated channel along the frame to which different weights are applied to offer greater power or control. As heAeroframeAs theOpen frameThey are two types of molds that aim to provide the racket with greater aerodynamics, the first being perfect for attack shots and the second to give them power. In order to provide more control and precision to your models,Dunlophas developed the systemsTri Bar,Anatomic Constructionand100% Carbon. On the contrary, to give greater strength to the auctions, the firm is committed to technologyPower Channel and Aero Gel.

In addition, in order to offer the best experience in the practice of paddle tennis providing maximum comfort, the paddlesDunlopincorporateVibro Pods, a system that absorbs vibrations to improve the sensation of hitting and thus avoid possible elbow injuries.Dunlopguarantees the maximum durability of its products by betting on the best materials and integrating theDPS protectorthat minimizes impacts against the floor and walls, so common in paddle tennis.

Paddle packsDunlopvaried and for all tastes

In our packsDunlopWe offer you three of the brand's great blades combined with other accessories necessary to play paddle tennis, such as shoes, padel rackets or balls. Thus, we present thepaddle packDunlopPress 2.1with slippersBullpadelBeta Blue, onecontrol paddlethat does not renounce power, finally providing incredible versatility together with maximum comfort footwear. This shovel is also presented inpadel pack 2 bladesorpack 3 blades.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is apower shovel, thepadel pack 2 bladesDunlopInferno Elite 2014It is perfect to share with your paddle partner as it will provide you with incredible power without giving up control in each stroke. And if you know someone else who wants to enjoy its great benefits, we put at your disposal thepack 3 bladesDunlopInferno Elite 2014.

For himperfect balance, we have launched thepaddle packDunlopPulsar Sport Maxand paleteroDrop Shot. And if you prefer, you can share this versatility with whoever you want with ourpack 2 bladesorpack 3 blades.

Dunlopit is quality and innovation and that is why its products are so acclaimed. If you wantpaddle packsDunlopdo not hesitate, visit us and choose yours.