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Drop Shot paddle packs

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PacksDrop Shotcheap in the online padel store Time2Padel

Now in theOnline storefromTime2PadelYou can find the most incredible discounts and exclusive offers atpacksDrop Shot.Drop ShotIt is one of the most recent brands in the world of paddle tennis that, based on effort and hard work, has managed to position itself among one of the most important firms and its products are already sold in more than 20 countries.

Drop Shotensures themaximum qualityof its products thanks to the choice of the best materials and the latest innovations in the sector, complete with exhaustive quality controls to adapt and satisfy all the needs of its customers.

Paddle packsDrop Shotfor all levels

His knowledge of the sector has earned him the trust of numerous professional players such asFederico Quiles placeholder imageorJuan Martin Diaz, one of the best players in the world ranking World Padel Tour (WPT) who bets year after year for the firm and does not separate from his best ally: theConqueror, a shovel of enormous power and made according to the needs of Juan Martín. This shovel is also available in our selection ofpacksDrop Shotwith the packDrop ShotConqueror 3.0.

Paddle tennis is in fashion and many people have been attracted to this sport and practice it in their spare time as a form of leisure or physical activity. Known people in other areas such as the Real Madrid goalkeeperIker Casillas, the former merengue playerMíchel Salgadoor the television presenterMaria Jose SuarezThey are some of the greatest defenders of paddle tennis and thatthey have chosen productsDrop Shotfor your matches and training sessions.

The brand's firm intention is to continue gaining followers and that is why year after year it incorporates the latest technological developments in the sector developed by the firm itself to make a difference. Among its innovations, theSingle Hole Systemthat provides some of its blades with a single hole to gain resistance but without losing aerodynamics or the latest technologyCurv,incorporated into the face of some blades to provide greater durability and power.

Drop Shotbets on all types of levels and players and therefore offers a wide variety of products. If you are a player with great technique, in the high range the shovel stands outDrop ShotConqueror,for the intermediate level, the collection stands outDrop ShotPro Carbon, a highly versatile bestseller. And if you are still starting to take your first steps on paddle tennis,Drop Shotoffers alternatives such as the packDrop ShotNavy, with the cheapest shovel of the brand and with an excellent value for money.

Due to its quality and variety, surely in thepacksDrop Shotyou will find the one that best suits you.