Royal Padel rackets

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Now in the Time2Padel online store you can find the latest models and the best offers of Royal Padel paddle tennis rackets. Royal Padel has extensive experience in the sector and can boast of being one of the pioneers in Spain. In 1991 Royal Padel launched its first collection that only consisted of three models made of wood . The blades were too heavy and of poor performance, so the firm soon decided to carry out some tests to improve its products. But it will not be until 1992 when different types of rubber, fiberglass and epoxy resin begin to be used. It was the first step to reach the paddle rackets that are manufactured today that consist of the highest quality materials such as carbon, fiberglass or titanium dioxide, among others. Thanks to these advances Royal Padel offers padel rackets of great power, control and lightness.

In addition, Royal Padel committed to technology to improve the performance of its products and that is why it has developed the Shock Absortion system in charge of reducing vibrations in the racket and thus avoid possible injuries caused by this impact. It is all these characteristics that have made it a synonymous quality firm that exhaustively analyzes all its products through quality controls before putting them on sale.

Royal Padel paddle rackets for all levels

The Royal Padel collection is differentiated in levels to adapt to all types of players. For this reason, it has an initiation level with an easy-to-handle model that allows excellent control. At the intermediate level , two models are integrated that offer a great balance between control and power.

The high level consists of three models with blades such as the Royal Padel Cross 2015 that offers a discreet design, combining gold and gray, and great control without losing power. The fiberglass frame that it incorporates makes it an incredibly resistant racket.

Royal Padel has specialized in something, it is in the creation of high-end rackets for competition, offering a wide assortment of rackets of all colors and for all types of games. And in this section, the Royal Padel Aniversario 2015 shovel stands out, the flagship shovel of the firm that incorporates the latest technology of the firm, increasing both its control and its power. And with the integration of carbon, the brand has launched Royal Padel Aniversio 2015 Carbon , for those looking for more power.

All its work on technology, innovation, quality and rigor have made it an important brand that markets in different countries in Europe and America. Royal Padel is innovation and quality and at Time2Padel we offer you its best selection.