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Paddle paddle Royal cheap in our online shop of paddle

Now in the shop of Time2Padel You can find the latest models and the best of Royal paddle paddle blades. Royal paddle It has a great experience in the sector and can boast of being one of the pioneers in Spain. In 1991 Royal paddle launched her first collection which consisted only of three models made of wood. They were too heavy shovels and few benefits so the firm soon decided to perform some tests to improve their products. But it was not until 1992 when begin to use different types of rubber, fiberglass and resin epoxy. It was the first step to get to blade paddle that are manufactured today that consist of highest quality materials such as carbon, glass fiber or the titanium dioxide, among others. Thanks to these advances Royal paddle offers blade paddle of great power, control and lightness.In addition Royal paddle bets on technology to improve the performance of its products and that it has developed the System Shock Absortion reduce vibrations in the shovel and avoid possible injuries caused by this impact as well. Are all of these features that have become synonymous with quality firm that he thoroughly analyzes all its products through quality controls before putting them on sale.Royal paddle paddle for all levels

The collection of Royal paddle It differs in levels to suit all types of players. For this reason it has level of initiation with an easy to use model that allows excellent control. At the intermediate level integrate two models that offer a great balance between control and power.The high level consists of three models with blades as the Royal paddle Cross 2015 offering a discreet design, combining gold and grey, and a

great control

without losing power. The framework of fiberglass which incorporates makes it incredibly tough shovel.But if something has specialized Spanish firm Royal paddle is in the creation of high end blades intended for competition offering a wide range of blades of all colors and all kinds of game. And in this section highlights the shovel Royal paddle anniversary 2015 shovel the signature star that contains the latest technology of the firm increasing both their power and their control. And with the integration of carbon, the brand has launched Royal paddle Aniversio 2015 coalfor those looking for more power.

All his work in technology, innovation, quality and thoroughness they have become a leading brand that markets in different countries of Europe and America. Royal paddle is innovation and quality and Time2Padel We offer the best selection.