Paddel paddle

At our shop paddle Time2Padel We offer the latest and great discounts on paddel. The ice cream vendors allow you to carry all the necessary material for a match or training in a comfortable and organized way. Whether you're that are all at the track as if you would accept what is just and necessary, there is a perfect paddle for you paletero. In addition to the compartments for blades of padel, clothing and shoes, many of these ice cream vendors incorporate an inner bag for used clothing and a third outside pocket smaller and ideal for small personal items such as mobile or keys. The paletero is the ideal transport for paddle blades since, in addition to being comfortable, many include Thermo function It regulates the temperature and keeps the shovel away. And for convenience the ice cream vendors incorporate two handles so that, if you prefer, you can carry it as a backpack.In Time2Padel We offer you small paddel, paddel of medium and large ice-cream vendors so that they suit your needs.The paletero Vibor - team

It is one of the largest with capacity for up to ice cream vendors six shovels, compartment for clothes and shoes and an exterior pocket with opening for headphones. Also presents an incredible design in which the snake of the logo brings strength to the final aesthetic.Drop Shot I will always associate the name of Juan Martín Díaz

and in ice cream vendors would not be an exception. The Drop Shot Premiere Pro paletero It is the official number one for its quality, capacity and with a discreet and elegant aesthetic.Bullpadel is another brand that offers a wide variety of ice cream vendors, notably the paletero Bullpadel Spain

, a bag in homage to the Euro 2012 with details and colors commemorative limited edition and high capacity.Classic designs but no less functional and attractive, the Power P paleteroAdel It presents a very Merry, minimalist design. In the same line emphasizes paletero Duruss Scampinicreated by the designer Leandro Scampini.  Brands have also released female paddel with a more feminine aesthetic and joyful and bright colors. And in this line could not miss the mark eight paddle

offering the paletero Ocho Padel Blanco with an exclusive design drawings of classic brand butterfly, details in pink and white. Nox within its extensive catalog also presents alternatives for the players as the Nox Thermo Woman paleterowith a great design in black, pink and white, with capacity for up to three blades.If you want to buy cheap ice cream vendors, Time2Padel

It is your store.