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The best designs and features for the most poisonous blade market

Vibor-a It is a brand of Spanish paddle which has own factory the country can boast that all their paddles paddle There are created with the finest materials and latest innovations on the market that it ensures maximum quality. Each of the models of the brand Vibor-a bears the name different types of snakes with the addition of the logo in large on the surface of all its blades creating a powerful aesthetic clearly differentiated from other brands in the industry. In addition Vibor-a is all a reference at the national level and it also highlights his great international projection having the confidence of amateur players, but also of those who are dedicated to the paddle professionally as Maxi Gabriel that bet for Vibor - to Black Mamba.More than enough for that reasons from paddle Time2Padel online store Vibor-a products we trust and we are official distributor This brand to offer you always the warranties with best price. 

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