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Now in our shop Time2Padel You can also find paddle clothing top quality with Vibor-a paddle clothing. A new collection the prestigious firm wants to dress up all the players, men and women, with very striking and attractive designs that he cannonballs on the tracks.Paddle Vibor-a brand It is one of the most prestigious firmsa reference to national and even international level, which is based in the Spanish capital. From there it produces of paddle blades and other products that have earned him to become one of the most prestigious brands of padel in the sector conquering numerous players, including Gabriel Maxi and Belen Montes.

New paddle Vibor-a clothing collection for men and womenItems offered include paddle clothingintended for regular and comfortable practice paddle made of highest quality materials that it provide breathability and freedom of movement. Vibor-a also adapts to the tastes of all players and offering a varied catalogue He has also released a collection of female Vibor-a paddle clothing with a more feminine look where will find sets like this, with skirt, t-shirt and Sweatshirt that combines very bright and cheerful colors to show that fashion and sport are not hotly contested. Also in man paddle clothing You can discover the best polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts

 and pants to play paddle tennis or get warm after an intense game or training session. Jump to the track with a WPT polo

 and your pants

 game, looks down the street your cotton t-shirt with the Vibor-a logo on the chest or equip yourself with the paddle tracksuit Vibor-a to come to the party as a pro.The best selection of paddle Vibor-a clothing buy now with the best deals from paddle tor paddle online shop Trust Time2Padel. The highest quality at the best price so you can enjoy the most of your favorite sport.