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Adidas -Adidas RX20 LIGHT 2021
  • Adidas -Adidas RX20 LIGHT 2021
  • Adidas -Adidas RX20 LIGHT 2021
  • Adidas -Adidas RX20 LIGHT 2021

AdidasAdidas RX20 LIGHT 2021

Discover the new Adidas RX20 Light 2021! A very well compensated padel racket both in control, power and comfort, with which you will enjoy the best sensations on the track.

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Adidas RX20 LIGHT 2021

Adidas Padel 2021.it's already here, and it couldn't be any other way than with a spectacular collection of shovels in which we'll find new and mythical renovated classics that will make us shine on the track. One of the new models that the brand has created for this 2021 is the new Adidas RX20 Light 2021.

We came across a weapon that has been designed with an oversize format and a centered balance, qualities that will allow you to take out the ball with power and control in each of your strokes. Therefore, we are sure that it will be a perfect padel racket for all those players and players of initiation or intermediate, who are looking for a balanced and light padel racket, because thanks to the compendium of materials, technologies and characteristics that have given this padel racket, it favors the player's pre-aggression.

A shovel, which generates very good feelings when hitting as it has been manufactured with flexible materials that favor player adaptation, such as fiberglass, which is present throughout the blade structure and is reinforced to give the shovel greater durability. On the other hand, for the core, the eva soft rubber so it hardly generates vibrations and therefore offers comfortable, injury-free hitting.

In turn, it also incorporates fantastic technologies that makes it unique as the Light Weight which makes it a lighter padel racket and the Smart Holes system, which distributes in space the holes, with different sizes, to guarantee a powerful and optimal hitting.

Finally, in order to finish and be visually attracted to us, she has been clothed with a very groundbreaking and aggressive aesthetics. Predominates carbon black seen for most of the surface, which is combined with the White for branding the brand in the center of the faces, Red for the bottom of the shovel and small details such as the information of its features, and Yellow for other aesthetic details scattered throughout it.

Features of the Adidas RX20 Light 2021 shovel

Eva Soft Rubber: Soft (soft) touch rubber that is applied to the inner core of the shovel and that otrgas the player excellent sensations of hitting, in addition to a very good ball output and reduction of vibrations that will prevent possible wrist or elbow injuries.

Light Weight Technology: Technology that allows to reduce the weight of the shovel, make it a very light weapon that you can handle with ease.

Smart Holes System: Holeing system in which the position and size of the holes varies, being those of the smaller center and, as they move away from it, they enlarge. This makes our hits come out with greater power and optimization.


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