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In our online shop Time2Padel can buy paddle Asics sneakers at the best price. ASICS is one of the most recognized international sport brands and long-haul sector who knows perfectly adapt their products to the changing needs of the players. Your designs and the quality of their products are the main advantages that there uses Asics to become an important gap in the market. Running shoes from Asics paddle with the confidence of the best

Paddle Asics shoes have different designs and features to suit every type of player but maintain the essence of the brand: quality and eye-catching designs. A combination made to raze. In addition, the fact that the professional player Fernando Belasteguin

WPT (Wolrd paddle Tour) ranked number one, and his current teammate Pablo Lima track

they have chosen Asics products for their competitions, is no mere coincidence.

Bela sneakers are precisely one of the most prominent of the 2015 collection. Paddle Asics Gel Bela 5 SG sneakers they are made with materials of the highest quality as the sole Clay It gives higher resistance and incorporate new three pivot points.The Brazilian Pablo Lima, Bela mate, has also decided to use paddle Asics shoes this season and opted for the Asics Gel Professional 2 SG modelthey print faster game

and they are designed for discerning players who want to make fast movements.One of the flagships of the brand, Asics Gel Resolution 6 Clay paddle sneakers they are an improved version previous model making it one of the best shoes on the market offering maximum comfort during the game, great adaptation to the foot and excellent flexibility to perform rapid movements. And Yes what you are looking for is a light shoe to get around the whole track, paddle Asics Solution Speed 2 shoes are designed for players in their game and very agile.

The collection of paddle Asics sneakers It provides variety for all tastes at incredible prices and with the highest quality.  Don't miss yours and discover our offers of paddle.