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Racketcheap Enebe paddle tennis shoes in our online paddle shop

you can buy allracketsof the Enebe brandthrough ouronline paddle shop, enjoy thebest discounts onracketspadel Enebe.Enebe is aspanish brandwith its headquarters in the Levantine city ofAlicanteTo talk about its beginnings, we must look back since it wasfounded in 1962.Throughout its more than 50 years of experience, it has not stopped innovating in itsracketsEnebe e to offer the best of itself to all its consumers.

It's amanufacturer and distributor of paddle tennis items, among others. With 6000m2 facilities, a staff of around 100 people never stops advancing gradually in thedevelopment of their technologies. In order to offer the best prices for paddle tennis rackets and to improve the manufacture of paddle tennis equipment, it invests in its R&D department.

It's abenchmark in the world of sports both nationally andinternational, since 50% of its products are exported. Apart from all this, it isendorsed by great athletesof the world of paddle tennis of the size ofPitu Losada,three-time padel champion and professional player on the World Padel Tour,Adrian Biglieri,number one in Catalonia andRicky Martinez,great paddle tennis player from the Murcian municipality of Yecla. They all trust theracketsEnebe during his matches.

RacketEnebe paddle tennis courts that integrate the best technology

Speed Layer.for a bigacceleration of the ball decreasing the efforta blade has been added to the normal structure of the bladeadditional thermoformed layer of high-tech polymers.In addition to the extra acceleration, it reinforces the blade and increases durability.

GL System.It is a system throughtransversal grooves that reduce vibrations, diverting them towards the rubber padcausing them to disappear before reaching our body. Thus avoiding possible injuries and adding comfort to our blows.

Impact Marks.Is arough texture that provides a better grip on the ball, increasing the force of frictionto endow themaximum spin ball.

Double Tube System.It consists of aframe composed of twoinner tubes. This central reinforcement added to the frame gives theracketsofgreater stability providing an increase in power and control.

Black Eva HR3 rubber.Its main characteristics are the highrecovery and elasticity.The durability of this rubber is greater than that of conventional rubbers. Thus, it maintains its properties intact over time.

Heartless.It consists of aclosed bridge system reinforced in its structure.This technology increases the consistency of the shot and the sweet spot.

The brand thinks of all levels of play, which is why you can find three ranges with a variety of prices fromracketsof paddle:

Pro.For advanced players - professionals. As theEnebe Cyborg Carbon 7.1 2014,theEnebe RSX Carbon 7.1 2014and theEnebe Combat 7.1,among other.

Intermediate.For players with mid game models. Like for example the Ranger Carbon 7.1.

Initiation.For those who want to start in this sport with a good shovel.

The image of all yourracketsit is magnificent. you can findracketsfor all tastes with an exquisite design and an exceptional finish.

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