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Salming padel rackets

A racket for each type of player! The new collection of Salming padel rackets is developed by expert padel players who play regularly. Made in collaboration with the best in the padel industry, the Salming brand has learned to evolve over the years to give the best and provide the best features, great performance and unique sensations on the padel court.

Salming Pádel rackets are designed to give you extremely good control and there are also for those who are looking for speed and power in each hit to the ball.

Salming, created for the best

The Salming racket collection presents us with unique and incredibly elegant designs, built with quality materials and technologies developed exclusively for the brand.

Over the years, the Salming brand has evolved to be one of the great brands that offer the best products for the best padel players.

Padelmania and Salming

Find all the best Salming paddle tennis rackets at the best price and with the best offers on our Padelmania website.

Discover all the models and get the perfect padel racket for your type and level of play.