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Varlion -Shovel Varlion Avant coal Hexagon 2 GT 2018
  • Varlion -Shovel Varlion Avant coal Hexagon 2 GT 2018

VarlionShovel Varlion Avant coal Hexagon 2 GT 2018

About Varlion surprisingly, by putting a shovel of professional level of high performance, stands out for its balance between power and control within reach of fans.

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Shovel Varlion Avant coal Hexagon 2 GT

They spend years and Varlion It remains one of the main references for fans, both for the quality of its products and its constant innovations. In his new collection, we find the Avant coal Hexagon 2 GT, model that stands out for its perfect harmonization between control and power. Thanks to its tear-drop shape and to the great number of hours dedicated to return to the market after 5 years of absence, this shovel has managed to unite many qualities that allow you to have a very versatile performance

 and extraordinary behavior within the track. It is manufactured using a bidirectional tubular carbon fiber 100% reinforced by 3 layers of 100% carbon fibre fabric. On the other hand, its core is rubber EVA Hypersoft of 38 mm, laminated with two layers of woven carbon fiber twil 100% resin impregnated epoxy VAR-FLEXdeveloped exclusively for Varlion and which guarantees maximum elasticity and resistance.More details of the composition of the blade Varlion Avant coal Hexagon 2 GT

Gradual Holes: Technology of bored that it consists of using different diameters by making small holes in the central zone (10 mm diameter), medium in the Middle as we move away from the Center and closer to the frame (11.5 mm) and large in the zo na perimeter or closest to the frame (13 mm). This excessive flexibility of the Center is offset by the low flexibility in the area of the nucleus that binds with the plow frame. This technology provides a greater homogeneity shock.VFP Adhesive: adhesive Protector produced through an injection mould in TPU low hardness to absorb shock and scratches. This protector is fixed on the frame of the blade by means of an adhesive material without having to drill through the frame. Thus, vibrations of the Guard removed and gets a hermanamtotal breach between the frame of the blade and the bottom surface of the guard.Hexagon Frame: Frame with hexagonal shape that gives the blade greater stiffness, strength and aerodynamics.  Registered and exclusive to Varlion.100% Carbon Construction: technology used in the construction of all models of Pro range. It consists of mixture of fabrics and tubular carbon fiber, with a formulation of a high control rubber and resin epoxy high strength and flexibility. More than the materials used, refers to the way in which are introduced into the mould and structure which carries the blade with them.



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