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Varlion -Shovel Varlion LW One Hard 2018
  • Varlion -Shovel Varlion LW One Hard 2018

VarlionShovel Varlion LW One Hard 2018

Maximum control and comfort in beating for all those fans who want to take the first steps in this sport next to one of the most prestigious brands in the world of the paddle.

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Shovel Varlion LW One Hard 2018

All players, regardless of their level, can find your paddle blade in the new collection of Varlion. Within its range of initiation models, we find the One Hard LWan option designed thinking of the lovers of the control. [if! supportLineBreakNewLine][endif]As it is normal for the fans who are taking their first steps in this sport, it is normal that they usually opt for proposals round

With these needs in mind, the Varlion team developed the LW One Hard, a shovel that is manufactured using a bidirectional tubular fiberglass reinforced. At the same time, it presents a core of rubber EVA Flexcore (with an excellent rebound), of 38 mm laminated with woven plain of fiberglass, resin impregnated epoxy VAR-FLEX Varlion exclusive, which gets the mAxima elasticity and resistance. On the other hand, it should be high which is coated by a layer of titanium dioxide.

When talking about their technologies, we should mention that it has been designed with the hexagonal frame and the elongated coretwo patents and exclusive of the prestigious firm. Its main purpose is to give greater rigidity and aerodynamics to the frame as well as providing a larger striking surface,
In addition to facilitating learning and competitiveness to the player.  With a very sober and simple design, it will delight all those beginner players looking for a model that stands out for its outstanding control.Composition of the pala Varlion LW One Hard 2018-O

versize: extension of the kernel that allows to increase the size of the surface of beating and the sweet spot.-Hexagon Frame: hexagonal frame whose shape give the plow frame greater rigidity, strength and aerodynamics to shovel. TechnologyGIA which is present in the high-end models, has been applied to the entire collection.-Flexcore: Soft EVA Rubber core, which is notable for its excellent rebound. It favors more control that power. -Linear And Gradual Holes: gradual pierced carrying 13mm holes in the area closest to the frame away from the Center. As they approach the Centre will be 11 ' 5 mm while these are 10 mm in the Middle, but arranged in a linear way vertical and horizontal. This type of leaky help to get a more homogeneous beating.


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