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Star Vie -Star Vie Raptor Pro 2019

Star Vie Raptor Pro 2019

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Star VieRaptor Pro 2019

After announcing the brand new signing ofFranco Stupaczuk, the star brand has decided to create apadel racketl According to the quality of the player from Chaco. That is theshovelStar VieRaptorPro 2019,a perfect hybrid between control and power that will soon see the light in the nextWorld Padel Tour 2019.

TheStar VieRaptor Pro 2019It comes with the aim of becoming one of the best padel rackets of the 2019 season. And it is that the weapon that the Argentine player will carry has all the ingredients to achieve it.

This weapon has been forged under around format, a structure that will generate alarge gluing surfacewith the aim of making each shot an authentic remote-controlled missile and making it clear that hitting precision is one of the aspects that it has decided to improveStar Viein his new creation.Despite its manufacture in100% carbonwill offer a touch of great hardness to give thatextra powerto the auction, a combination that will guarantee aperfect balance between control and powermaking the player feel as comfortable as possible both at the net and at the back of the court.

Of course, the Madrid-based brand has opted for great technological advances to improve game sensations and increase the player's performance in each match and training session. And it is that theshovelStar VieRaptor Pro 2019introduces a long list of technical innovations. TheRaptor Core inserted in the heart of the bladewill optimize balance and increase stiffness in that area, the technologyS2(Fiberglass component) will improve the sensations of the player generating greater comfort and theEVA foammedium density is perfect for players looking for greater ball control and improved hitting power.

Another aspect to highlight in the newshovelStar VieRaptor Pro 2019is the rough surface in the plane. A relief that will allow the player to execute cut shots and great effects in the auction. An addition that will improve the quality of the player in the network.

And a shovel with such characteristics must be accompanied by a consistent design.Star Viehas achieved it, betting on a combination of elegant and sophisticated colors that harmonize perfectly and put the icing on one of thepadel rackets of the year. Stupa already has a new weapon!Star VieRaptors 2019

More details of the composition of the shovelStar VieRaptorPro2019

Raprot Core: it is inserted in the center of the blade to optimize balance and increase stiffness in that area

100% carbon:Both the plane and the profile are made with the best quality material, providing maximum resistance.

Medium density Eva rubber: Great control and notable increase in power

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