Head -Head Graphene Touch Delta Motion 2018
Head -Head Graphene Touch Delta Motion 2018
Head -Head Graphene Touch Delta Motion 2018
Head -Head Graphene Touch Delta Motion 2018

Head Graphene Touch Delta Motion 2018


The spectacular player Alejandra Salazar shovel will grant you all output ball you're looking for.


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Head Graphene Touch Delta Motion

Many are professional and amateur players who rely on Head. The Dutch firm is chosen by players such as Fernando Belasteguin or Alejandra Salazar and justifies their success thanks to the collection of blades with excellent characteristics with which each year stands as one of the leaders in the world of the paddle.Excellent player WPT Alejandra Salazar It has between his hands scooped a paddle of intractable character, the Graphene Touch Delta Motion the firm's Head, which intended to continue achieving numerous victories thanks to its impressive power. The format of diamond

characterizes it, as well as the Delta Pro, as a power shovel. Thanks to its composition in Graphene Touch and its soft rubber to provide us one absolutely fantastic ball outlet. If you are looking for is a shovel that enhances your attacking game you will find in this Delta Motion your perfect paddle racket. An invincible "weapon" which features a completely unique design in black, blue and pink with a gradient effect.This shovel belongs to the collection of blades Head 2018 and it is the model for most powerful woman of the brand. Buy now the Head Graphene Touch Delta Motion the best price in PadelmaniaComposition of the shovel Head Graphene Touch Delta MotionGraphene Touch: Material of special features in their levels of elasticity, through which get a shovel with a super performance both in attack and in question to the control.Flexible Chassis: Union of the tubular and the heart of the blade that makes the same structure more rigid facilitating control and absorbing vibrations. Chip: Holes of different size on the surface of the blade distributed uniquely to get a wider sweet spot, thus better their performance on track.

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