Power Padel Black 700k

Power Padel Black 700k




Power Padel Black 700K

For several years now, the Spanish firm Power Padel has acquired its own space in the world of paddle tennis thanks to a quality product and very specific and careful offers.

Within the collection of padel Power Padel 2019 we find the Power Padel 700K 2019, a new model that arrives to champion the new proposals of the Madrid brand.

And it is that this Power Padel 700K 2019 arrives in a round format, with a medium balance, an extensive sweet spot and a boosted ball output. A shovel designed for control, but that does not neglect power.

A Power Padel 700K 2019 that has been manufactured with a 100% carbon frame, visible carbon planes with a gloss finish and an EVA Soft rubber interior.

As for its design, the Power Padel 700K 2019 shines with its own light thanks to a combination of colors that stands out on the carbon seen. Blue and green are the colors chosen to stand out against the black background of their faces.

Composition of the Power Padel Black 700K racket

Cabono Viewed : this highly durable material is used and given a shiny finish to enhance the design.

EVA Soft Rubber : Power Padel bets on this soft touch EVA igoma that combines a great ball output with a great hitting sensation.

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