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Power Padel Black Text-T Soft

To talk about Power Padel is to do it about a firm that, little by little, has been making a niche in the market thanks to a retail manufacturing and specific models.

Within the collection of padel Power Padel 2019 is the Power Padel Text-T Soft 2019, a newly minted padel racket that is the great bet of the Madrid brand for the new year.

A model that has been designed in a round shape with medium balance, an extensive sweet spot and a large ball outlet. A highly versatile and comfortable padel racket.

Power Padel has chosen a 100% carbon frame , visible TEXTREM and fiberglass planes and an Eva Soft rubber core.

Regarding its design, this Power Padel Text-T Soft 2019 arrives with visible carbon and a contrast of red on its faces that shines on the whitish details.

Composition of the Power Padel Text-T Soft racket

Text-T : a type of carbon seen that it is the main protagonist of this racket, giving it great manageability and compactness.

EVA Soft Rubber : Power Padel bets on this soft touch EVA rubber that combines the best ball output with an optimal hitting sensation.

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