Adidas Supernova Control 1.9

Adidas Supernova Control 1.9


A model of great control, large sweet spot and renovated aesthetics


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The Adidas Supernova Control 1.9 is perfect for improving your game

Many years ago that Adidas Paddle It became one of the major references in the world of the paddle. Thanks to its production of collections of paddle and the r & d investment made, have managed to position itself at the forefront of the sector.

Within the new collection of Adidas paddle blades 2019 We find the Adidas Supernova 1.9 CTRL, a paddle paddle ideal for players drive seeking a model with broad sweet spot, high output of ball and outstanding control.

When it comes to this shovel Adidas opted for what already ran in previous versions. This round shape, medium-low balance, centered sweet spot and impressive output of ball.

Adidas Supernova 1.9 CTRL that has been made in Carbon Braided for the structure, Allutex 100% for faces and rubber Eva Soft Energy for your interior. A shovel of great performances and plenty of performance.

The ExoEskeletonthe Structural Reinforcent, the distribution Smart Holes or the Sweet Spot Center they are technologies that complete this great paddle paddle designed for versatile players.

Adidas Supernova 1.9 CTRL that it looks thanks to its renewed aesthetic. The combination of blue black with details of their faces It makes you stand inside and outside the tracks.

In Time2Padel We have a commitment with you: offer the best offers paddle in the paddle blade Adidas Supernova 1.9 CTRL and many other products. Look no further, you will not find a better price in other shops, paddle online and if so, we will match you. Guaranteed!

Features Adidas Supernova Control 1.9

Level of play Intermediate
Form Round
Thickness 38 mm.
Composition  Carbon fiber, Allutex, rubber Eva Soft Energy

360-375 gr

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