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Bullpadel -Bullpadel Hack 2020
  • Bullpadel -Bullpadel Hack 2020

BullpadelBullpadel Hack 2020

Paquito Navarro already has a new weapon for this 2020 season, the new padel racket Bullpadel Hack 2020 is here!

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Bullpadel Hack 2020, the new weapon of WPT player Paquito Navarro 

Bullpadel launches its new collection of padel rackets with its great classics as the main protagonists. The new Bullpadel Vertex 2 of the "Shark" Maxi Sanchez, the elegant Flow 2020 who will carry the queen of control Alejadra Salanzar and the one we're going to present right now, the padel racket chosen by the Sevillian player Paquito Navarro, the Bullpadel Hack 2020

The shovel Bullpadel Hack 2020 it has been developed with a clear objective: to improve performance in attack game for those who styish the most aggressive game. Changed the pure diamond format to Oversize. a more hybrid structure that will favor the balance between control and power, as well as increase the reaction in hitting thanks to one of its star components, the TRICARBON. This material, in combination with The new format chosen by Bullpadel for the new Hack 2020 result in a versatile padel racket that will fit perfectly to any playdotor.


Features of the Bullpadel Hack 2020 shovel

One of the main features of the brand Bullpadel it is its great commitment to research and development, a fundamental pillar in terms of product design and that denotes that clear advantage that it has at the moment in relation to its competition. 

As we mentioned above, the Bullpadel Hack 2020 shovel is a perfect combination of materials from the cuff to the tubular. Its entire structure is composed of next-generation carbon (Carbon Tube), so strength and durability will be improved, the blueprints incorporate the technology TRICARBON, to generate that toughness that will enchant the most offensive players. All this combined with a MultiEva rubber that will greatly improve the feeling of hitting. Finally three latest generation materials that will allow you to paddle at its best. 

And this is not all, the new Bullpadel Hack 2020 as if it were a high-end car, it incorporates some extra accessories that will add a bonus to all its features. The protector is re-incorporated Metalshield to improve exposure to possible shocks that tubular may suffer, the Custom Weight, a weight system that will allow the player to modify the balance of the shovel to his liking. And finally, one of the great advances in the world of padel, the Hesacore grip, an accessory that is incorporated into the cuff of the shovel to improve handling and increase comfort. 

A Bullpadel Hack 2020 which is not only at the forefront of performance, so is its innovative design. A brand design Bullpadel you have again opted for gradients to draw their branding in the middle and leaving the material (visible carbon) dressing the whole background. A combination that can never fail in the world of sport.

This padel racket is aimed at players of advanced-professional levels, but Bullpadel has created two other Hack models that are much more manageable and perfect for players of more intermediate levels, it is the Bullpadel Hack Control 2020 and the new Bullpadel Hack Comfort 2020, two options that will generate maximum control.

The weight of the shovel is always indicative, we will try to adjust as much as possible.

Composition of the Bullpadel Hack 2020 shovel

Marco Carbon Tube: Structure that will bring robustness to the entire shovel, adds latest generation carbon to the frame to generate maximum durability and resistance.

MultiEva RubberLatest generation rubber that will improve the ball output and increase comfort. The best feeling for a perfect hit

TriCarbon: Latest generation carbon consisting of interlaced fibers that will provide great ball output and improve the sensations of hitting.

Grip Hesacore: Essential complement for any player who needs the best grip. This next-generation Grip will improve in-game sensations, as well as significantly reduce vibrations in the elbow.

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