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Adidas -Adidas RX30 2021
  • Adidas -Adidas RX30 2021
  • Adidas -Adidas RX30 2021
  • Adidas -Adidas RX30 2021

AdidasAdidas RX30 2021

Great versatility with this versatile padel racket from Adidas, a model that will help you define your style of play while enjoying the best performance

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Adidas RX30 2021

Willing to give everything of their own, Adidas arrives one more season with a amazing collection of shovels with which you can enjoy all kinds of players, from the most expert to the ones that are starting in the world of padel. One of the new models with which he has delighted us is with the Adidas RX30 2021.

The German brand presents us with a padel racket designed in round oversize format, low balance, at 265mm, and an excellent sweet spot, which has been applied thanks to Sweet Spot technology and that is aimed at Players in progression, who play on a regular basis and need a balanced, manageable and comfortable padel racket to have maximum performance both in the attacking game and from the bottom of the track.

As for his Manufacturing, has been cunstructed with fiberglass (Fiber Glass) on both sides and frame, with perimeter reinforcements to give it greater solidity, in addition to incorporating Eva performance rubber for quick adaptation and excellent ball output, with hardly any vibrations bothering you.

In addition to this, are shared with technologies such as Structural Power, New blade heart design that will give it greater stability, as well as amplify the power in your attack strikes; Smart Holes System for greater resistance in the planes; And Sweet Spot System, extension of the sweet spot to offer us a greater optimal hitting point.

Finally, as always, Adidas key point in designing their shovels and have done so with a groundbreaking and eye-catching aesthetic. We observed a predominant black carbon seen the entire base of the product, which is combined with the white, yellow and light blue for the aesthetic details present by the faces, frame and bridge.

Composition of the Adidas RX30 2021 shovel.

Structural Power Technology: A new design at the heart of the shovel, which will give it greater stability, as well as amplifying the power in your attack strikes:

Smart Holes System: Design in the distribution and size of the holes, so that the holes that are more in the center of the shovel, are smaller and are closer together and, as we move away from it, the holes are larger and more separated. This will increase the handling of the shovel and facilitate the effect on the strokes.

Sweet Spot System: Expansion of the sweet spot to be able to take off our shovel with greater precision and control.


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