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In the Time2Padel online padel store we work to offer you the best padel offers in the best products in the sector. That is why with these Star Vie padel packs you will enjoy the quality of one of the best brands in the sector that is trusted by many professional players such as the Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto sisters, current number one in the female ranking.

The padel brand Star Vie is one of the great references in the sector. Created in 2002 since then, it strives to create top quality products that different types of players like. For this he has found a formula for success based on three aspects. The first one is innovation, trying to find new materials, new shapes, new ideas, new structures ... that make a difference and give their models a plus. The second is technology, that is why the brand works to develop pioneering technological systems that improve the characteristics of its paddle tennis rackets and the player's experience. Finally, there is the design, which looks for striking and attractive aesthetics that conquer the players, always maintaining a very similar line but at the same time looking for new designs that attract attention.

Padel Star Vie packs with which to fully equip yourself

The Star Vie brand differentiates within its collection, made up of models from different ranges, two main lines. They are R, with a round shape and focused on control, and Brava, with a teardrop shape and greater power, so that players can choose the game that interests them the most. Two lines that, however, are quite balanced so that you do not miss anything on the court and that in our Star Vie padel packs you can find in two of their best models such as the Star Vie R 8.1 Carbon Soft that we offer you with Bullpadel Bonso or, with the same footwear, you can bet on the Star Vie Brava 8.1 Carbon Soft, both models very balanced and with a soft touch to improve the sensations of the game.

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