Padel Head

Cheap padel Head packs in the Time2Padel online padel store

At the Time2Padel online paddle store we want you to always enjoy paddle tennis with the best products, that is why we only trust the most prestigious paddle brands. In addition, so that you have the best relationship between quality and price, we offer you the best paddle offers. With the padel packs that we offer you at Time2Padel you will fully equip yourself to go to the court with maximum comfort and benefits.

In this section we present you the padel Head packs. Head is a brand that began its journey in 1947 but it was not until the 90s when it decided to create its paddle line. It is this extensive trajectory that has allowed him to know in depth the characteristics and needs of the market, thus being able to adapt to the demands of the players who trust the brand, synonymous with quality and good work.

This quality and great benefits are appreciated in the large number of players who bet on its products for their matches and training sessions. Among them, the current number one Fernando Belasteguín stands out , who remains for 14 consecutive years in the first place in the ranking, who bets on the Head Tornado Bela paddle racket. Also Sanyo Gutiérrez , current partner of Juani Mieres, who bets on the Head Tornado 3.1 N2 Speed for his matches. In the female category, Alejandra Salazar stands out with her Head Zephyr 3.1 shovel with a beautiful aesthetic in blue and pink and great features for a quality game or the player Eli Amatriain who bets on the Head Tornado 3.1 N2 Control and who focuses on the blows precision.

Head paddle packs with the best selection of paddle rackets

In the Time2Padel online padel store we want to offer incredible padel offers in the best selection of products so that any player can enjoy their favorite sport. Along these lines, we have decided to launch two perfect starter packs to go fully equipped to the track and learn little by little. The Head Tornado Bela 2014 pack with the Elite Back Pack backpack will help you evolve in your game while enjoying the highest quality of the Head paddle brand. If you are just starting out and you want an initiation racket for women , we have your ultimate pack that combines the Head Evolution Women paddle racket and the Elite Back Pack backpack to take everything you need to the court.

You will always find these and other Head packs with the best price at Time2Padel. Consult our wide catalog of padel packs and get the highest quality at the best price.